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Restrictions / Terms

Due to Covid-19, we ask that you not bring any one to your appointment who is not scheduled for treatment. Face masks are required.

While the non-invasive treatments we provide are safe and painless, there are some restrictions that you must consider.

Pregnant woman can not receive any treatments and you must wait 4-5 months after giving birth if you have a natural birth and 6+ months after having a C section.

If you have any major health issues, you must consult with your doctor first and show proof that you have been cleared to get body contouring treatments.

There may be minor side effects such as a tugging sensation, minor bruising, redness, stinging, or aching at the treatment site, and there is also a chance of minor skin sensitivity.

You must first consult with a doctor after any surgical procedures and show proof that you are cleared for body contouring treatments.