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About 526 Body Contouring

526 Beauty and body contouring is owned by two sisters with 10 plus years in the medical field. We were drawn to open our own body contouring business to help people meet their goals and also inspire women and men with their self-esteem.

Non-invasive body contouring isn’t like traditional body sculpting, which cuts and removes skin and body fat. Instead, body contouring forgoes the physical stress puts on body tissues, bleeding, and anesthesia needed.

This benefit subsequently reduces any post-surgery complications, such as

* Immediate weight gain

* Infection * Extreme pain

* Hernias * Hypoglycemia

* Ulcers * Gallstones

* Nausea

* Vomiting

* Extended Recovery Time

Non-invasive body contouring means the body doesn’t have to work to repair all the incisions and abrasions associated with invasive surgical operations. Those side effects can leave patients in bed and out of work for weeks.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring has no downtime and you can go right back to your regular daily activities.

Will you see results after your first treatment?

Along with fast recovery time, another advantage of body contouring is that it is a quick and safe fat loss treatment, allowing patients to return to their daily activities promptly. The majority of body contouring treatments can be performed in just 40 minutes — 20 minutes on your front and 20 on your back. Note that the length of your body contouring treatment will depend on the size of the treatment area, but it’s still a faster alternative to surgical procedures.


Consistent, Long-Term Results

Because non-invasive body contouring only targets fat cells, the accuracy is much higher than surgical solutions. The procedure kills fat cells, which stay dead, so the only way that fat returns is if new fat is introduced. Proper exercise and diet effectively maintain your ideal body shape. There are no hidden catches or conditions.

With surgical procedures, you could need multiple trimmings or follow-ups over time to better define your ideal body shape. Cost-Effective Solutions Traditional plastic surgery or fat loss treatments can be time-consuming, have long recovery times, and are ultimately expensive.

Non-surgical body contouring treatments are a more affordable and cost-effective procedure to treat stubborn fat deposits, meaning your treatment can save you both time and money.